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Investment Tear Sheet: India's B2B Database Businesses

Photo of India B2B Business

Investment Opportunity: Aggregating B2B database businesses across industries such as BSFI, Chemicals etc through a central platform

With India's B2B market witnessing incredible growth, exemplified by Indiamart's successful IPO with a $2.3 billion market cap and 365% stock performance, the potential for exceptional returns has never been more evident.

Data – The Oil For The New Economy

The $1 trillion B2B market in India is teeming with opportunities, but many investors have fallen short due to misplaced investments and a lack of in-depth understanding of Indian businesses and their specific needs.

  1. Market Size And Growth: The B2B database market is currently over $2 Billion in revenues and growing at close to double digits.

  2. The Golden Opportunity- B2B database businesses across India, often overlooked but offering incredible growth, attractive margins, and a wealth of potential buyers.

Investment Thesis:

Data businesses will serve millions of MSMEs by removing investment complexities and opacity, making the B2B financial data services sector the essential infrastructure for driving growth in India. This trend is reminiscent of similar developments witnessed in the United States and China as these countries hit key inflexion points in their economic growth trajectories.

  1. Expected Return: Our APEXX Formula - India's Investment Stack has evaluated a 10-20X return on investment for the B2B database platform.

  2. Highly Fragmented Market: The market is highly fragmented, with no player holding more than 1% of market share.

  3. Cheap Valuations: Valuations of these cash flow generating businesses are particularly attractive, ranging from 3-7X EBITDA, especially when compared to public comparables like Indiamart, which trades at a P/E ratio of almost 60.

Deal Size and Exit Strategy:

  1. Size Of Opportunity: $10 Million - $50 Million platform to buy and build B2B database businesses.

  2. Scale Advantage: The platform has the potential to scale, attracting both strategic buyers and mid-market PE investors in India, ensuring a high-quality exit.

Why Invest Today:

India - Growth Capital of The World: The surge in India’s economy and rising incomes have paved the way for B2B database businesses to thrive. Investors can expect massive returns from this sunrise sector

Exit Opportunities:

  1. IPO: B2B database businesses such as Indiamart, Traxcn have seen successful public market listings even in a tough environment. This is in line with the success of database businesses like FactSet, S&P, and Thomson Reuters in G10 markets that have shown tremendous growth and market capitalization.

  2. Private Equity Buyout: India's highly competitive investment space has seen large private equity funds competing for price on high quality deals, making this platform an attractive option.

  3. Strategic Interest: Multiple global strategic players are focused on expansing thier footprint in India and have been on an acquisition spree. For example: LexisNexis buyout of Universal Law Publication (2015), S&P Investment in CRISIL. This presents a huge buyout opportunity.


In an era where data is considered the oil for the new economy, investing in India's B2B database businesses offers a chance to capitalise on India's promising growth trajectory and position oneself for massive returns in this sunrise sector. As India emerges as the growth capital of the world, investors can expect to reap significant rewards by participating in this exciting and rapidly evolving landscape.


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