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The 101 on Indian Corporate Carve - Outs And Its Investment Opportunities

By AltG Investment Research Lab On Behalf Of Poornima Vardhan & Taponeel Mukherjee

Photo of Indian Corporate Carve Outs

Unveiling Hidden Gold: Which Corporate Carve-Outs Offer Lucrative Investment Opportunities?

  • The 90% rally in the SENSEX over the last five years and the euphoria in India’s mid-cap and small-cap stocks haven’t lifted all boats.

  • A slew of publicly listed businesses have delivered negative returns over the last five years, constrained by operational issues, cost inefficiencies, Poor Capital Allocation, and Sub-Optimal Capital Structures.

  • Many of these agriculture, paper, retail and education businesses have fundamentally solid economic franchises that need a rejig that a quarterly return-focused public company structure doesn’t quite allow.

  • What do these businesses have going for them structurally? Significant revenue growth, structural social and technological tailwinds driven by rising incomes, favourable demographics, and a global export market open to India.

  • In a market where private capital has struggled to get attractive entry multiples on investments, given the high PE ratios in India, we see significant value creation opportunities in the so-called “unloved businesses”. In fact, we see a goldmine!

  • We see significant value in unlocking opportunities by taking quite a few of these lagging businesses private, fixing them up, and setting them up for exceptional growth.

  • For private capital investors, India’s public markets present some exceptional bargains and value unlocks. 

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