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We Are Passionate About Building Businesses And Capital Allocation. 

What We Do?

Photo showing AltG Builds Businesses

Building Businesses

We acquire, operate and scale a large number of small independent enterprises into a centralised industrial powerhouse.

AltG uses strong managerial capabilities, industrial organization, innovative capital constructions, cutting-

edge technology and clever brand management techniques to grow the businesses. 

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Photo showing AltG's Turnkey Capital Allocation Services

Capital Allocation

On a Turnkey basis, we architect, evaluate and execute high-growth, high-return investment opportunities in India for financial and strategic investors.

Today, any investor can invest in the highest-returns opportunities in India through the unique combination of our The APEXX Formula and unmatched ecosystem of business partners and do it cost-effectively while mitigating investment risks.

We specialize in businesses that serve the Indian Consumer market - directly or indirectly.

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AltG Builds Mega-Scale Platforms

AltG acquires, operates and scales a large number of small family owned enterprises into a mega-scale centralised industrial powerhouse. These exceptional firms have strong brands, consistent growth and high margins but lack the financial, technological and managerial resources to grow in the current market. 

AltG through its centralised platform, uses strong managerial capabilities and industrial organization, innovative capital constructions, cutting-edge technological tools and clever brand management techniques to reinvent the businesses for the digital age and 2X EBITDA in 1 years.

Powered by The APEXX formula, AltG's businesses are continuously developing innovative solutions that enable our customers to serve the growth capital of the world - The Indian Consumer Market. With over 100,000 customers in over 50+ cities and a proven track record of solid growth, we have established a platform of B2B Intelligence Services businesses to provide our customers and shareholders with exceptional returns. 

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