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Is Disney India (With Or Without Blackstone) A $10 Billion Opportunity Or Not Quite?

Photo of Logo for Disney India

By AltG Research On Behalf Of Poornima Vardhan And Taponeel Mukherjee

Disney India needs to answer 3 fundamental questions:

  1. Content Or Carriage - Disney India is both in the content generation business and in the business of “carriage” i.e. delivering content via Hotstar etc. As the last 1 year in the US markets show, the OTT money spend is done. Carriage platforms are consolidating and bundling up much like traditional cable. So, Disney India needs to clearly demarcate what it wants to do and how? It can’t be a confused mish-mash of content and carriage. You can do both, but you need strategy!

  2. Publicly Listed Entertainment Stocks Are Soaring, What can Disney India Learn? - A quick look at the bourses, shows Tips Industries and Saregama India shares up 119% and 47.5% in the last 1 year. That’s massive outperformance in a market where Disney India is floundering and looking for an exit. The share prices also show the hidden potential in Disney India’s IP.

  3. What More Can Mickey Mouse Do In India? The short answer is a lot. But it varies with whether the buyer is a media business, a financial investor or a strategic who can bundle with other services.

Disclaimer: Any views, comments or communication made via emails (above or in the past) should not be construed to be investment advice by Alternative Growth (hereafter referred to as “AltG”) in any form whatsoever. AltG does not make an offer to sell or solicit to buy any securities.


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